About us

About us

Centre for Promotion of Women’s Rights was established by 14.02.2013 and its central office in Fehmi dhe Xheve LLadrovci (former building of the Municipality) Glogovac


The mission of the “Center for the Promotion of Women’s Rights” – QPDG in its mission aims to improve the human rights of women in all walks of life, advocating for the realization of human rights of women who have experienced trauma during the war, protection of these rights by fostering high service, offering direct aid, rehabilitation, welfare, economic activities, non-profit, security, as well as lobbying for gender equality and empowerment of women in decision-making as part of the development of democracy in the country .

3.2. To accomplish this mission, “Center for the Promotion of Women’s Rights” undertakes the following activities:
• Performs various projects dedicated direct aid (rehabilitation, welfare and psychosocial treatment), for women victims of violence and fights for the prevention of violence;
• Through continuous monitoring of the development of law in Kosovo fighting for the fulfillment of legal gaps, in order to protect the rights of women;
• Realizes projects / non-profit economic activities and income generated used for activities center
• conducts training and workshops to educate women on their rights;
• Stimulates explorative activities for the promotion of women’s rights;
• Publishes and distributes materials for human rights;
• Performs psychosocial support for women;
• Records of violations of women’s rights and reports;
• Developing cooperation with similar institutions in Kosovo and abroad.

3.2. In order to realize these activities and fulfill the mission that “The Center for the Promotion of Women’s Rights” in addition to the activities mentioned above will take, other measures which primarily aim to protect the interests of War Kosovo, and all these under local laws in force.
Projects that are implemented are:
Identification of cases of rape during the war in DrenasMunicipality
Identification of cases of rape during the war in the municipality of Skenderaj
Identification of cases of rape during the war in the municipality of Klina
I gave the young women’s awareness about their rights in health care
Stabilization and strengthening of women’s rights by supporting social, psychological and economic to survivors of sexual violence in Kosovo.
Training of vocational training (tailoring, confectionery, wire weaving, carpet weaving,